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Probationary Department

Obstetric Probationary Department specializes in help during high risk pregnancy and delivery, including 22 - 37 weeks premature delivery of babies with low and extremely low body weight.

Newborns Reanimation and Intensive Care Department

The department provides medical reanimation help of the highest level for premature newborns including those with low and extremely low body weight.

Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Department, Surgery Block

Preparation, pre-surgical examination and anesthetization of minor and major surgeries are performed at the department. All modern kinds of anesthesia are used: endotracheal, spinal.

Consultative and diagnostic department


Obstetrical Physiological Department

Modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, surgical dressings, medicines, tools, means of individual protection, disposable underwear are available in the department.

Ultrasound diagnostics department

This is one of the largest and well equipped ultrasound diagnostics departments in the Republic.

Pediatric Department for premature babies

Pediatric Department for premature babies has 25 beds and is the II stage of premature babies care.

Clinical and diagnostic laboratory

This is a full-range laboratory which meets modern standards of laboratory medicine.

Gynaecology Department

Surgeries of any complexity are performed at the Gynaecology Department with the tendency to maintain reproductive help in yang age. Most surgeries are performed with laparoscopy.

Delivery department

All doctors of the department are highly qualified specialists capable to perform all kinds of obstetric-gynecologic surgeries and individual delivery management.

Pregnancy Pathology Department

Pregnant woman who need in-patient treatment and mother and fetus condition monitoring, as well as those being prepared for planned surgeries (cesarean section) are being hospitalized to this department.

Newborns Department

Apart from monitoring and care, a complete examination and treatment of newborns are performed at the Newborns Department, including specialized doctors’ and Chair of Pediatrics and Neonatology members’ consultations.