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Welcome to the site of the City Clinical Maternity Hospital No. 2 Healthcare Institution!

Minsk health care institution “City clinical maternity hospital №2» provides highly qualified obstetric-gynecologic help for women and newborns of Minsk. Our maternity hospital is a perinatal center of the third level, a premature delivery management center.

The institution has the following structure:

  • an obstetric-gynecologic in-patient department where both term and premature deliveries take place, newborns are treated and cared for, and gynecologic surgeries are performed, including laparoscopic surgeries. About 6 000 deliveries take place in the maternity hospital during one year, and 125 thousands children were born at the maternity hospital over more than 30 years;
  • an interdistrict center of perinatal ultrasound diagnostics where screening ultrasound examinations during the pregnancy are performed. More than 25000 pregnant women are examined in the center during one year. About 9000 gynecologic examinations, up to 4000 thyroid gland, mammary glands, abdominal cavity organs, man’s urogenital system examinations are performed in the ultrasound diagnostics department of the maternity hospital. The examinations are performed with the help of the advanced equipment by qualified specialists;
  • a family planning city center where infertile married couples, women with recurrent pregnancy loss undergo therapy, and а preparation for the delivery with the partner is performed. More than 1000 couples have become happy parents over the years of center existence. Since 2004 a full course of infertility treatment has been held, including additional reproductive techniques (IVF and others). About 400 couples are trained at partner delivery courses.

Each member of the maternity hospital personal has an appropriate professional qualification and certification, the higher and the first category medical specialists, candidates of medicine work at the critical sectors. For a good reason the motto of our maternity hospital is “Qualified care for the future!”

The Maternity Hospital №2 is a clinical basis of the obstetrics and gynecology chair, the pediatrics chair of the Minsk State Medical University, the obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive health chair of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education.

Because of the excellent technical equipment and medicines supply of the maternity hospital departments we can perform high quality diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at an advanced level.

The prescription of pain-relieving medicine, the usage of epidural and spinal anaesthesia, non-medicamental method of pain-relief in whirlpool baths have been widely used during the delivery in our hospital for a long time.

Maternity hospital structure and technical equipment, including labor transformer-beds, make it possible to manage deliveries in separate isolated labor, also together with the partner. During prenatal and postnatal period there is a possibility to stay in advanced comfort wards with individual care for a woman and a newborn.

Inextricable connection between science and practice, classical cannons and modern technologies in obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology provide individual approach to each patient in our maternity hospital.